Nigeria at 60

Nigeria is one of the blessed Nations of the world whether we choose to believe it or not. The problem will always lie on the individuals that make up this great Nation.

Human beings are a determinant factor for the progress of any society. Healthy people produce a healthy society and system.

One thing about negative doings is that when it comes it overpowers the positive doings amongst us.

As Nigeria turns 60 today, the questions we should be asking ourselves is “How far have we improved, and where are we headed”?

Now, if we cannot pin point what we have achieve since independence, it simply means we cannot be sure of what will happen in the future, because what we have achieved will clearly give us a road map of where we are headed.

As a nation we have all it takes to move forward, but we would rather conform to the norm and keep maintaining the status quo decade in decade out.

We need to tell ourselves the truth, both the leading and the led. There is something about “truth”, the bible said that “the truth will set you free”. Could it be that the reason why we have been in this perpetual decadence is because we have all failed to be truthful to ourselves and our land? Well whichever the case may be, I am of the opinion that our leaders should adopt and practice more of “Servant Style Leadership”.

Servant Leadership: This is where a leader’s major motive will be to serve and not just to lead; where a leader puts himself in the shoes of those he is supposedly leading.

The problem with us as leaders in this country is that we all want to lead. As leaders we need to put off the regalia of leadership and put on that of servants. We don’t go into leadership because of self.

  • Leadership is sacrificial.
  • Leadership is responsibility.
  • Leadership is selfless, devoid of greed.
  • Leadership does not compromise at the detriment of the led.
*As a leader you need to lead from the Masses and not the Mansion.

          Nigerians are visual people, we connect more to what we can see, so I believe if we quit the “talking” and do more of “doing”, that is action, it would do us some good.

To make our dear country better is not just the work of the leaders alone, yes, they would be responsible to providing some wherewithal, but then it’s a collective responsibility. All hands must be on deck.

The Led:

Both the leaders and the led have a role to play in making sure we all experience that Nigeria of our dreams.

The leaders will be more effective if we as followers or citizens can also be effective in our world.

Instead of complaining about how bad the systems are in our dear country, we can try to make it better by contributing our little quota in making it a better place to live in.

As citizens, we are the actual persons that implement the ideas and strategies of our leaders. But how then can we even carry these out effectively when both the leaders and the led are always in the business of antagonising each other.

We need one mind and heart if we must be effective and achieve victory together.

We need to love our selves more, irrespective of the language, tribe, culture or the religion that we follow.

As a country we have been through struggles, to freedom, to progress. We are moving forward, and will get there one day.

Let’s joins hands to make sure that the sacrifices of our past heroes will never be in vein.

Arise o compatriots, and let love reign.




Happy diamond jubilee celebration to our dear country.