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The Save Her Foundation is an initiative of the Royal Ladies International with the specific goal to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Restore ladies who have been subjected to various forms of abuse and have settled for an alternate lifestyle due to unfortunate circumstances of life.

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The Save Her Foundation is focused on but not limited to women experiencing all forms of abuse. It is an initiative launched out to scout for young girls, ladies a d women who might have been subjected to one form of mistreatment or the other leaving them hopeless, homeless and exposed to all manners of hardship.

We hope to change the narrative on violence against women and emphatically state that abuse against the woman is wrong and would not be tolerated. We want to effect positive changes in the lives of abused ladies/women who have been subjected to shameful lifestyle because they no longer see anything good in themselves. We want to help build their self esteem, help them to dream again and give them a reason to want to live a better life.

Our Mission

A section of the Save Her Foundation is geared towards outreach to brothels and this we have been doing to the glory of God with amazing results and testimonies. We’ve had about 5 (five) women/ladies come out of this profession to embrace life in the light of God’s Word and deciding to opt for more honorable means of livelihood and are currently undergoing spiritual, emotional and other rehabilitation processes.

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